Take a journey through the natural, cultural and manmade marvels that prove Nebraska is much more than just a flyover state,

Sandhill crane migration, grand island

Every year, nearly half a milion crance stop over in nebraska to rest and feed during their pilgrimage from souther North America

Bailey Yard ,North Platte

Union Pacific's Bailey Yard is the largest railroad classification yard in the world every day,the yard caters to approximately 10,000 raill cars that need to be sorted and paried.

Durham Museum,Omaha

Housed in a former Union station building , Durham Β Museum is a time capsule of a bygone era, with its Art Deco style and restored rail cars from the late 1800s and early 1900s,

Stuhr Museum of the Prairie Pianeer ,Grand island

This living history musem tells the story of settlers and Native America through art galleries ,artifacts and recreations.

Arbar Day Farm, Nrbraska City

As the place of the tree planter's holiday ,Nebraska attract nature love and families to the Arbar Day form, where 260 acres of forested trails, garden an arboretum and other natural attaction

Platt River,kearney

Knows for being a mile wide and an inch deep,Platte River is the countery's longest braided river.

Archwway, Kearney

In celebration of the Great Platte River Road that led gold seekers ,missinaries and settlers through Nebraska, the Archway Monument takes visitors on a jounrney spanning 170 years.