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Future  of crypyo currency

Can you  imagine a thing-the value of which has zero around 10 years back and today, its value has touched almost 50 Thousand USD ( 40 lakhs’)?

Merely 12 years ago, on 31st October 2008, a person named Satoshi Nakamoto published a paper on the internet. Satoshi’s main motive was evident from the first line of the paper.”

Why Bitcoin  started?

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A version of electronic cash that would allow payments to be sent directly from one party t another party without going through a financial institution”. Crypto-currency is a Digital asset over which central banks or financial institutions have no control or regulation, For instance, the US dollar is under control by the central bank of the US. The Indian Rupee is controlled by RBI, But there is no central bank or any main financial institution that controls the Bitcoin/Crypto-currencies.

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A block of transactions gets created. And hence, the technology is called ‘block chain’

Our financial systems are based on trust, The currency notes and coins have value in our society because they are guaranteed by the government and the central bank. 

now comes the question of how to use cryptocurrency and Bitcoins. It is extremely important to understand that as well.

Bitcoin as alternate currency

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There is a technical challenge here that makes it difficult to use Bitcoins as a medium of daily transactions The Bitcoin transactions on the blockchain take time to get confirmed.

Present day uses of Bitcoin

So, a question arises: Why did the RBI do this? The reality is that cryptocurrency has some negative points as well that are mainly related to money laundering and security

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Negatives of Btcoin

En-route to destination features within airports and shuttles will steer clear of anything high-touch.

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How does crypto- technology work? If truth be told, to understand this, one needs to know advanced mathematics and computer science- which I don’t have, But if you want to start investment or trading, then basic knowledge would suffice.

It all Overall, this is good news for all of us. We can freely invest in cryptocurrencies if we wish to We have this opportunity to diversify our financial investmentcontributes to a greater sense of ease and freedom as travelers move about space en route to different cultural spaces.

Crypto-currency is a Digital asset over which central banks or financial institutions have no control or regulation,

How To Invest In Crypto Currency